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Write For Us Business And Reach Your Marketing Goals

Would you write for us on business and go for the win-win together?

Are you looking for blogs or websites to build links? Or need to get your articles seen to thousands of eyeballs and get traffic back to your website? Oh, you might be one that wants to boost your performance of sales leads as well.

If you are for one of them, you’ve come to the right place. Writing for us and get it published on our blog can bring great help to your campaign. We know it will be likely worth it.

Nevertheless, your content submission is a great fuel to drive our blog and community on its right track too. Your help is something we necessarily look for to put an extra layer of expertise from business experts like you.

It’s definitely a win-win situation for both us and you.

About Lydir.com & What We Publish

To introduce Lydir.com, we are a blog for business-related content publication. We are a small blog and editing team at the moment, though, our path of the dream is towards becoming an established and influential business magazine read by entrepreneurs all around the globe. We have a deep faith in working hard and achieving things, who knows our dream would really come true one day soon.

Our main topics: Everything About Business

We are navigating our way into an entrepreneur friendly business magazine. Thus, our main topics we try to publish are mostly business-centered topics — something that helps business owners and teams.

Technically, the main categories we can write about are:

  • Business News: No matter what industry, it’s a general business news category that entrepreneurs would be interested in.
  • Business: It’s broken down into 3 subcategories – Small Business, Startup, Sole Proprietor. You can try to find the right topic under any of those subcategories suggested.
  • Functional Areas: It’s sorted out as all the major functional business departments of a business, such as Sales, Marketing, Accounting, HR, Legal, etc. If you have expertise in a certain area to write about, you are good to go.
  • Management Areas: All about business managements, like Team Management, Customer Relationship, Project Management, Shipping & Logistics and more.
  • Business Technology: You can write about anything that helps businesses from the viewpoint of technology. A round-up article listing out good software that businesses would want to use, or tips and guides on what technology can bring a business onto the next level of productivity or business performance. Or else, a tech product review. You aren’t limited to any types or forms. It’s just anything.

The Types of Articles You Can Submit

There’s really no strict restriction on this, however, these types of forms are generally loved to be accepted:

  • Round-up articles
  • Walkthrough or how-to Guides
  • Smart tips or some business hacks
  • Inspirational and motivational articles
  • Storytelling
  • Newsworthy articles
  • Interviews with remarkable people in business
  • Checklists
  • And any form of your creativeness

5 Traits That Help Your Guest Post Accepted

  1. Word Count: 800+ words
  2. 100% unique through its plagiarism check.
  3. No rambling: a solid subject and clear idea of what you are writing about.
  4. Images: at least 2 of them (no copyright infringement)
  5. Nothing more special: Pretty easy, isn’t it?

Shoot Us An Email!

If you would like to talk further about writing for us, just feel free to send us your pitch or suggestion. We aren’t too picky to pick articles up, just give it a try and let us know first. We might have a good idea to close a great deal for both of us.

    A Little Tip – How to Find Guest Post Opportunities on Google

    These search queries listed below will help you find websites that accept guest posts right now. Simply, change the text to the niche you are concerned with from the example queries.

    Using some tags of Google search operators is also a good idea to get a more precise search result.

    E.g. intitle:"write for us" business(your topic) , or intitle:"become a contributor" finance(your topic) etc.

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