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5 Signs That Your Business Operation Is Outdated.

If your business is living by the old adage of “Business as usual” and you have been seeing your profits dwindling, then chances are that your business model or the way it’s operated may have become outdated. In today’s rapidly changing technological atmosphere businesses need to frequently examine their business model and make the necessary […]Read More


How to ace your business pitch to get startup funding

If you ace your business pitch, you get to boost the odds of getting startup funding. The business pitch is that brief time you get to be in front of people that matter: investors. You only have one shot to convince investors that your startup is the correct business to invest in. Remember you’ll be […]Read More


4 Essentials To Design Belt Packaging Boxes For Fashion Brands

Don’t judge by its cover? The idiom “Don’t judge by its cover” is a widely beloved expression, used to emphasize the inner value than the outward appearance. Well, apparently, it’s true and most people love the coolness of the word itself, so am I. But that’s not the case here However, we can’t deny the […]Read More

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6 Major Characteristics Of Digital Healthcare Transformation in South Asia

Healthcare is a large evolving industry redefined by tech advancements, compliance, patient preferences, and other factors. In the troubling times of the COVID-19 crisis, digital healthcare became the talk of the town, and even after the pandemic, the talk won’t be over. Revolutionizing Digital Healthcare Startups in South Asia Healthcare setups, particularly digital ones have […]Read More

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How School Management Software Helps Schools In Kenya

It is educational software that is used by school districts around the country. It is designed for school districts to manage the administrative side of their school systems and has many features that school districts find useful. Here are some of the features that school management system software Kenya can offer school districts: One of […]Read More