10 Essentials to Make Sure for Local Search Marketing and Local SEO

 10 Essentials to Make Sure for Local Search Marketing and Local SEO

Are you running a brick and mortar business in your locality and struggling to improve your local SEO and local search visibility? Local leads and customers are more likely to pay you. That’s something almost all small and medium business owners understand. Ideally, a marketing strategy should be designed keeping this in mind.

There was a time when print ads were displayed at every prominent part of the city so that the regional population gets interested in the business. As of this digital era, digital marketing and SEO are crucial to achieving your goals.
When it comes to SEO, local search marketing is somewhat different from national SEO. In the former, you try to improve the rankings of your website in local SERPs whereas the latter aims for country-wise searches.

Local SEO is a vast subject and pinning down the best local SEO marketing tips may not always be possible. You need to analyze, adjust and improvise the strategy by keeping the guidelines from major search engines in view. It is easier said than done but here is how to do local SEO marketing for substantial results.

Listing Your Business On All Major Online Directories such GMB is the first step to enhance your local SEO - SelectiveRationality.com

List Your Business On All Major Online Directories

A fairly easy way to improve the local visibility of your business website is to claim your business listing on major online directories. Google My Business is a local business listing directory suitable for every business category.

As the listing contains the credentials such as NAP and working hours, they impact local search marketing because all major search engines confirm your business information and accuracy via these directories. You can post your business information on reliable business directories such as Yelp, Manta, HighFive Listings, and Bing Places, just to name a few. It is one of the cheapest yet most effective local SEO marketing tips. And it is for sure that a successful local SEO strategy includes business listings.

Ask Happy Customers To Leave Reviews

After the close of a sale, ask your customer to leave a review for your services. You can also encourage your customers to leave reviews once they have locked in the purchase. Conduct an internal survey to confirm whether a customer was satisfied with your services and send them a follow-up email or text asking for a glowing review.

These reviews are not only important for local search marketing but they encourage your local customers to buy from you. As more than 85% of the local customers believe reviews to be as valuable as personal recommendations, it’s smart to ask happy customers to review your website, hopefully positively.

Focus On Voice Search Optimization

Whether you like it or not, voice search is going to be a huge hit within the next few years. If you want to ace local search marketing, pay attention to voice search optimization. Your customers will be using more long-tail keywords so you will have to optimize the content for how people ask questions instead of how they write them. The conversational tone is the key point.

Talk About Local News, Stories, And Events

When it comes to local search marketing, nothing works better than local news, stories, and events. That’s because when customers can relate to your business, they are more likely to purchase.

Some of the most effective local SEO marketing tips include writing blog posts around local news. Collaborate and make videos with local charities or talk about the causes your business supports. Feature hyperlocal content on location-specific web pages.

Make A Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Mobile visits to websites grew sooner than anyone expected. Customers are interacting twice more on websites so it’s imperative to get a mobile-friendly website design. Invest your money to make intuitive UI for great UX.

As the mobile screens are smaller, there is no room for filler so it’s best to use images and videos sparingly. Keep the visual content for conveying useful information without affecting the loading speed of the page that should be no more than three seconds.

Filter Keyword Searches And Add Local

How do you do local SEO marketing? Hone in local keywords and you are halfway there. Use tools such as Keyword Planner to filter searches based on location. This gives you an idea of what’s popular in regional searches so that you can incorporate the right keywords.

Locally relevant keywords should appear in your site’s meta content, copy, and URLs. Region-specific landmarks are also important for local search optimization.

P.S. This guideline from Google will help you do your local business schema: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/data-types/local-business

Add Location-Specific About Us Pages

If your business has more than one location in your area, a successful local SEO strategy includes location-specific, unique ‘About Us’ pages. All of these pages must have unique content but also store hours, name, address, and phone number, individualized descriptions, testimonials, promotions, parking availability, and Google maps attached to each location page. Local search marketing is all about making the journey easier for local customers.

Get High-Quality Backlinks

Be it from online business directories, social media pages, or authentic websites, quality backlinks are the lifeblood to local search marketing. If you are creating high-quality content on your website, others would like to link to it and you will get quality backlinks.

Find reputable sites with high credibility and go for guest blogs on them. Collaborate with local social media influencers and get them linked to your business. Google looks at authoritative websites before ranking any website on top because link profile is still a prominent ranking signal in 2021.

Keep The Local Intent In Your Content

You cannot do well at local search marketing without including local intent in your content. The content should be crisp, concise, include the relevant geographic information and areas of interest. Drop the sales pitch and talk about the problems and their possible solutions to your prospective users. One simple tip is to analyze your competitor’s websites and learn from them.

Work On Local PR

local SEO marketing tips are incomplete without an emphasis on local PR. Get quality links from local news and community-based websites. Reach out to local newspaper contacts and send them the latest news about your business for local search marketing.

Did you enjoy the article? 🙂 We hope the article we prepared for you was informative enough for you to try your actionable steps to enhance your local SEO.

By the way, if you are new to SEO, we think this basic SEO guide would give you another hand for better SEO on your website and brand. Check it out!

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