Toyota production: Nikkei article not news

by SR on July 26, 2012

Toyota global production

The Nikkei daily published a brief article on 25 July 2012, saying that Toyota’s daily production in Japan will “fall 16%” in October 2012 from the previous month’s level, to 12,400 vehicles per day. This is not “news” for two reasons.

  1. It looks very much as if the Nikkei is “recycling” a rival’s earlier article that appeared on 5 July 2012 in the Chukei Shimbun, an Aichi-based newspaper with close ties to Toyota and its suppliers. The Nikkei is 20 days behind the curve on this one.
  2. Even if the production plan had not already been reported three weeks ago in the Chukei, a decline in production was expected. An anonymous parts supplier is quoted in the Nikkei article as saying “the decline is in the expected range”. And so it is.

Incidentally, Toyota released its domestic and global production figures for June 2012 yesterday. Global production from January to June 2012 (the red line in the chart below) is up 55% compared to the same period the previous year, to 4.62 million units. That Toyota should be so far ahead of the terrible year of 2011 (the blue line in the chart below) is hardly surprising. What is more impressive is that global production is ahead of the previous highest level recorded for January to June, namely the 4.46 million units posted in 2008, which was a very strong year (the green line in the chart below). Auto parts suppliers with significant exposure to Toyota, such as Denso and Aisin Seiki, should have a great year in 2012.

Toyota global production

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