Hire me

I’m always interested in new opportunities.
You’ve seen the web site, which is the work of one person with very limited resources in terms of data and information, so you have a taste of what I can do.
If you’re on the sell side, wouldn’t you rather have me working with you than for the competition?
If you’re on the buy side, here’s your chance to get a talented, reliable, hard-working team player on board.

  • I’m an experienced analyst who’s survived bear markets through being very good at what I do.
  • I’ve visited hundreds of different companies, including 90+ in Asia-ex Japan.
  • I build trust and relationships quickly, both inside and outside my own organisation.
  • I’m a great presenter and communicator: if you need to get an idea across, I can do it.
  • I have unusually strong technology skills, particularly in data processing and visualisation.
  • I speak five languages, including Japanese and Chinese (reading/writing too).
  • I’m a decent individual who believes in supporting and helping those around him.

Interested in a chat or a coffee?
Go ahead, send me an email using the contact form.
It won’t put you – or me – under any obligation.