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What it boils down to is this: you’re on your own. If you’re interested in something I write, that’s great, but don’t rely on that without conducting your own research. This is just common sense. It’s a big and unforgiving world out there, so you owe it to yourself to be careful. In particular, investing in individual stocks is a risky business even for professionals. If you have doubts, don’t do it. Historical investment performance may not reflect future performance.

On the positive side, be assured that I’m a straight arrow. I own no positions in any of the stocks I discuss, unless I explicitly say so. You don’t have to worry about me being influenced by a fat bonus from the investment banking business, because I don’t have an investment banking business. I say what I mean. If I like a stock, it’s genuine. If I dislike a stock you can be sure the feeling is real. So you can take some comfort in that. Not a lot, perhaps, but there you go.